Folks in Greenwood buy automotive batteries from Greenwood Battery Specialist.

We provide a full line of sealed lead acid batteries for automotive use. If it has a starter, lights, and an ignition system, we probably stock your battery.

We depend on our automotive batteries nearly every day.

No one wants to deal with a dead battery, and that’s why we stock a full line of automotive batteries from Mega-Start, Trojan, and AC Delco. If your car won’t start and you think you have a battery problem, come to Greenwood Battery Specialist.

Greenwood Battery sells automotive batteries.

We specialize in batteries for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Check with us first when you need to buy a battery! We can usually save you some money, and we’ll install it too.

Got a junk battery? It might be worth some money!

Don’t throw away that old car battery. It’s bad for the environment, and you could be tossing something that is worth money! The lead and other components just don’t belong in a landfill.  Plus, the materials in old batteries can often be recycled. There are a few kinds of batteries we don’t buy, but we’d like to look at it. If we buy it, you’ll get some cash on the spot. You’ll get money in hand, and you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing you did something to help prevent unnecessary waste.

These batteries are going to be recycled! Don’t throw away junk batteries. They might be worth cash!